What is Golden Passport, Advantages and Disadvantages

Golden passport: A golden passport is a hot topic nowadays. Because the Golden Passport is completely different compared to other passports. This type of golden passport has various benefits. Mainly because of that many of us want to know what is golden passport.

What is a Golden Passport?

A golden passport is completely different from the features of a normal passport. Because if you have a golden passport. Then you can claim citizenship in that country. You can also invest or buy property within that country.

But the problem is that Golden Passport has not been implemented in all the countries of the world. Also, Golden Passports are not issued to all citizens of all countries. However, such golden passport activities are already underway in several countries.

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Golden passport is available in which countries?

To be honest, the Golden Passport program has not been started in all the countries of the world till now. Also, not all countries issue such passports to all types of people. Rather, certain people of certain countries are given the benefit of this type of golden passport.

So, till now, among the countries of the world, the Golden Passport has been started. The names of those countries are given in the list below. For example,

  • Portugal,
  • Malta,
  • Spain,
  • Greece
  • Italy,
  • Austria,
  • Switzerland,

The names of the countries you see in the list above. Basically in these countries, Golden Passport is currently in operation. But later any country can introduce a golden passport facility. Again any country can stop their golden passport facility.

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What are the benefits of the Golden Passport?

The names of the countries in which the golden passport facility has been introduced at present have been shared. So now we need to know about the benefits of a golden passport. Those benefits are discussed below.

01 – Business Opportunity: If you have a golden passport from any country. Then you can do business within that country without any hassle.

02 – Education and healthcare benefits: When you have a golden passport of a particular country. Then you can take advantage of higher education within that country. You can also get health care in that country.

03 – Benefits of Citizenship: If you have a Golden Passport. Then you can enjoy the benefits of citizenship without any hindrance. However, if you become a citizen of a country, you must fulfill all the conditions of that country.

04 – Right to travel without a visa: When a person holds a Golden Passport. Then that person can travel to many countries of the world without any visa.

So the facilities that are provided to golden passport holders at present. Their list is provided above. And if you want to enjoy these benefits. Then you must have a golden passport with you.

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What are the disadvantages of a golden passport?

The Golden Passport has become a controversial issue these days. Because many experts believe that such passports create an opportunity for corruption and money laundering. Also, the process of making such passports is very expensive. Apart from this Golden Passport is obtained by completing many complex processes.

Our last words to you

In today’s article, I have told you about Golden Passport in detail. So if you want to know more about the said passport. Then comment on my question below. And thanks for being with us.

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