Unveiling Falcon’s Flight: Six Flags Qiddiya’s Record-Breaking Roller Coaster Adventure

Prepare for an unparalleled thrill as the Falcon’s Flight Roller Coaster emerges as the epitome of gravity-defying marvels within the heart of Six Flags Qiddiya. This adrenaline-fueled odyssey is set to redefine thrill-seeking, standing as a testament to the boundless aspirations of the ambitious Six Flags Qiddiya theme park project in Saudi Arabia.

Falcon’s Flight Roller Coaster Overview:

  • Records: Falcon’s Flight is poised to break records as the Earth’s fastest, tallest, and longest roller coaster.
  • Debut: Scheduled for a grand debut in October 2024, it will reside within the expansive Six Flags Qiddiya theme park in Saudi Arabia.
  • Attractions: As the centerpiece of the City of Thrills, Falcon’s Flight will be among 28 rides and attractions spread across six themed zones.

Opening Date and Location:

  • Opening Date: Falcon’s Flight Roller Coaster is anticipated to open its doors to the public in October 2024.
  • Location: Situated within the Six Flags Qiddiya amusement park in Riyadh, this attraction is part of the ambitious Qiddiya project, aligning with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 objectives.

Height, Speed, and Features:

  • Dimensions: Falcon’s Flight spans four kilometers of track, boasting speeds of up to 251 kilometers per hour.
  • Structural Marvel: It stands as the world’s tallest free-standing coaster structure at 200 meters high, offering a 525-foot vertical cliff dive into a valley.
  • Innovative Design: The coaster employs magnetic motor acceleration and three electromagnetic propulsion launch systems, ensuring a unique and exhilarating experience.
  • Thrilling Elements: Riders will encounter a parabolic airtime hill, twists, turns, and panoramic views of the park during the three-minute adventure.


  • Designed by Intamin: The roller coaster is crafted by Intamin, a renowned Swiss company with over 50 years of experience in creating iconic theme park attractions, including Formula Rossa and Kingda Ka.

Falcon’s Flight promises to be a groundbreaking addition to the world of amusement parks, offering an unmatched blend of speed, height, and innovation, redefining the very essence of roller coaster adventures

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