Tawakkalna app ecosystem [What’s new in update Version]

Tawakkalna app ecosystem [What’s new in update Version]

As of October 2023, the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) has implemented significant changes to the Tawakkalna app ecosystem. These changes involve transitioning many services to a new application named “Tawakkalna Services,” aiming to enhance user experience and streamline services. Here’s a detailed overview of the key changes and the features that remain in the original Tawakkalna application:

Sections of Tawakkalna App

  1. Home Page:
    • ID Holder: Displays user ID and picture.
    • Vaccine Status: Indicates the user’s COVID-19 vaccine status.
    • Link to “Tawakkalna Services” app.
  2. Status Colors:
    • Dark Green: Immune (completed vaccine course).
    • Gradient Green: Exempted, No Record of Infection, Insured Visitor.
    • White: Medically Uninsured Visitor, Incomplete Vaccination, Nonimmune.
    • Orange: Exposed (exposed to a COVID-19 infected person).
    • Brown: Infected with COVID-19.
    • Grey: Not Defined, Unidentified.

Services Page

Services are categorized into several sections, and many services have been moved to the “Tawakkalna Services” app:

  • Public Services: Tawakkalna Passcode.
  • Permit Services: Personal Permits, Health Status Verification, QR Code Scanner, Request an Auto Health status verification permit.
  • Health Services: Caution Mode, Ask for Help, COVID-19 Vaccine.
  • Travel Services: Health Passport.
  • Family Member Services: Checking Up with Dependents, Family and Sponsored Members.
  • Violation Services: Report for Violation, My Violations.

Digital Documents and Dashboard

Both of these sections have been moved to the “Tawakkalna Services” app.

Profile Info and App Settings

  1. Language Setting:
    • Change the application language from a selection of seven languages.
  2. Update Phone Number:
    • This option is moved to Absher for updating the phone number.
  3. Update Password:
    • Update your password following specific rules.
  4. Update Home Address:
    • Easily update your home address (not the National Address).
  5. Validate Through Biometrics:
    • Allows logging in without using a password.
  6. App Info:
    • Information regarding the app, including Partners, FAQs, Privacy Policy, and Contact details.


The Tawakkalna app has undergone a complete revamp, with limited features remaining such as Vaccine Status, QR Scanner, and Personal Permits. The introduction of the “Tawakkalna Services” app enhances the specialization of services and provides users with a more streamlined experience.

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  1. I foget my password on my tawakkalna. I pressed forget password but it always appears incorrect details but I check that’s all are OK, also I tried on verify mobile number but only shows people who follow on tweeters, pls help me to fix it on my mobile numbers verify, thank you

  2. Noronisah umpa abubacar

    I lost may number how a i gate my password

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