Sharing Bonus

Job post sharing bonus

How to get sharing bonus-

  • If you share the link in a large group and you actually get more visitors from your shared link, you will get more bonus. (if you share in a small group, the bonus will not be given).
  • Share your posts on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora, etc. You can also share on various blog websites. (If viewed by Auto Visitor / Auto surf site, Your account will be deleted without notice.)
  • Copy the link from wherever you share paste the link and submit it in the box below sharing proof box.
  • Bonus will not be credited upon submission. We will review your link within 72 hours. You will be given a bonus based on how many visitors are coming from your shared link.
  • You can share unlimited posts
  • After reviewing your link we will add your bonus manually to your account.
  • Why not get a bonus:

  • If your shared link is not approved on that site.
  • If your post is deleted within 72 hours.
  • How much money will you get?

  • Minimum ৳ 10 BDT – Maximum ৳ 1000 BDT will be paid.
  • No matter where you share – if at least 100 visitors do not come from that shared link then you will not get a bonus.

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