Job circular for Production Manager .

Mamiya-OP (Bangladesh) Ltd. Recruited Production Manager  

Mamiya-OP (Bangladesh) Ltd. will be recruited for the post of Production Manager . Those interested can apply for this position. 

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Job Circular Posting is a job post that contains detailed information on employee recruitment in Mamiya-OP (Bangladesh) Ltd. This document is used by employers to advertise their vacant positions as Production Manager . In this document, the employer provides details about the position, including the salary, working hours, duties, qualifications, etc. 

This post contains a job advertisement with detailed information about the appointment of the Production Manager  of Mamiya-OP (Bangladesh) Ltd.. 

Mamiya-OP (Bangladesh) Ltd. will be recruited for the post of Production Manager  

Educational Requirements 

  • B.Sc. in Industrial and production engineering (IPE) from any reputed university. 

Experience Requirements 

  • At least 5 to 10 years 
  • The applicants should have experience in the following business area(s): Engineering Firms, and Manufacturing (FMCG). 

Additional Job Requirements 

  • Age 35 to 45 years 
  • Well capable of Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading and Controlling Capabilities. 
  • Good interpersonal and verbal/written communication skills in English. 
  • Should be knowledgeable in all types of production costing 
  • Ability to effectively handle multiple simultaneous tasks. 

Job Location: 

  • Chattogram Export Processing Zone, Chattogram 

Salary Range 

  • Negotiable 
  • Salary Review: Yearly 
  • We need your current salary 

Compensation & Other benefits on top of salary 

  • Mobile bill, Provident fund, Gratuity, etc. 
  • Lunch Facilities: Fully Subsidized 
  • Festival Bonus: 2 
  • Public Holidays 
  • Casual, Annual, and Sick Leaves 
  • Other benefits as per BEPZA rules and company policy 
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