How to understand how good the phone’s battery health status

Rules for understanding phone battery health. Find out if your phone’s battery health is bad, know the rules to understand how good the phone’s battery health position is:

Through the Accusatory App

If you use the phone regularly for a few days after installing the Accubator app, the app will automatically inform you about the phone’s battery health from charge and discharge sessions. It is better to give the app at least one week. Then open the Aquabattery app and go to the “Health” section to check your Android phone’s battery health.

Without the Aqua battery app

You will see the additional battery drain on the phone. If the battery is charging excessively without using the phone, without running any apps in the background, then it is necessary to replace the battery. If the phone battery is in bad condition, you will see many battery jumps. The most common of these problems is the phone charging quickly or suddenly disappearing. If your phone turns off and won’t work without a charger, replace the phone’s battery.

Android battery health check code

Some Android phones can check battery health by dialing a specific code. However, this code may not work because most Android phones currently use custom ROMs. To check Android phone battery health by dialing the USSD code:

Go to Phone Dial or Phone app and dial *#*#4636#*#*
After dialing you will see a page called Testing
Select Battery Information from here
If your battery health is in good condition, Good will appear next to Battery Health on the displayed page
Android phone battery maintenance rules
Battery failure is common. All batteries lose capacity as they are used. How you use your device
Either way, the battery will degrade over time. But you can follow some simple tips to keep the phone battery good for a long time.
Avoid charging the phone up to 100%
Avoid charging the phone with a 0% charge
Charge the phone when the battery level is around 20-30%
Enough to charge a phone like 80-90%
It is always better to charge the phone occasionally for a while without reducing the charge
Avoid excessive fast charging if possible
Always try to keep the phone in a slightly cooler environment, especially while charging
If possible, avoid using the phone while charging
Try to use the original charger and cable

If you don’t have the original charger or cable, use a good quality third-party charger and cable if possible, you can avoid charging the phone overnight.

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