How To Earn Money By Writing Blogs

How To Earn Money By Writing Blogs

If you wanna earn money at home writing blogs or articles, so this article is for you today. However, if you wanna start your career writing a blog so I hope this article is very helpful & important for you, cause today we will discuss some technical issues in this article. You get answers to all of your questions.

Today we will share with you six answering questions which important for your blogging career. So let’s start-

How Much Money Can You Earn From A Blog?

See, if you want to earn unlimited money from writing a blog, So I don’t think you just earn only from google Adsense. I think so you can earn money also from sponsors, affiliates, and selling products. If you are a high-level professional blog writer then your earning amount will be unlimited we can say easily. Moreover 90% of people may know that our income is generated from google ads showing our blog site. That is to say, you can earn money only from google AdSense, but this idea is not correct at all. If you are dependent only on google Adsense so, I have to say you will generate money from 50k to 200k each month, if you are working 6-8 hours daily.

How Google will send us money?

This is a very important question for all new bloggers. Because beginner bloggers don’t know how they receive money from Google Adsense. So I will explain you now. First of all your articles must be unique. You should publish minimum articles as required by google criteria. Then you should apply for Google Adsense approval, if google becomes satisfied with your content then you will get AdSense approval, and your earnings start from the approval date. While your earnings reach 10$ then you will get a pin to verify your account. And then when you reach 100$ you will get your payment through your bank account. Until your earnings are 100$ you will not get payment from google.

How do become popular by writing a blog?

I say you could write blog any topics. If you want to write Poem, or short story, about yourself, sports, news, politics and you know that very well. But every time has some trending topics or trending news. Like before a few months coronaviruses were very much trending news. So every day has some trend that is connected to millions of people. If you write the trending topics then your article will reach several people. Because of the current trending news too much searching on google And the more searches your blog gets, the more people read and the more popular you become.

How to reach more people by writing a blog?

This is a very nice and intelligent question. Look at the blog you are writing, the title of the blog you are writing should be very good, It is very good so people are forced to read the blog when they see the title, write the title in this way. Then use an image which related to your blogs. Then your blogs must have some keywords which help you with SEO. SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”. When we search for something in google write some keywords and the same keyword articles come in front of us. When you are writing a short story and you should keep in your mind, keep some keywords in your story which read by google. You must keep some keywords in all of your blogs which is help you SEO for your articles. If you could maintain all these things above we mentioned, may your article will reach million of peoples.

How many types of writing can you write?

You can publish different types of blogs in one blog account or one blog site. You can write a story about how to become fat thin, you can write about politics, you can write about the current world or current situation. However, if you want to write about yourself you can. So we thought if you publish different subjective blogs from one account or on a website you can reach several people and it’s very profitable for you.

When will Google serve ads?

Maybe we discuss something about this topic above contents. We tell you again – Generally, google gives an approved minimum of 10 publishing articles. If your article is 100% unique. You can try first after publishing 10 posts. If you don’t get approval then you should publish more than 3-4 articles and try. Remember: you can’t get AdSense approval if your content is copied from another source. Should keep it in your mind. Click here for more informatons.

So that was the topic of my discussion today if you like it and if you think our article is helpful then you just share this article and reach out to other people.

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