How to earn from different types of websites

Most of the developers think after creating a website, how to earn money from that website. In today’s article, I will discuss some methods by which a developer can easily earn money from his website. You can earn money with Pay Per Click Contextual Ad Network: Pay Per Click Ad Network will allow you to earn when someone clicks on your website. In other words, this type of ad network will pay you for traffic to your website. Currently, there are several good quality pay-per-click ad networks including Google AdSense,, Infolinx, Chitika, and Pulse 360.

CPM can earn money through ad networks: Like pay-per-click, this is a type of ad network system, although the income does not depend on website clicks, but on each page view. In most cases, one dollar is available for every 1000 views. So it is understood that to earn from this type of ad network, the number of views of your website must be very high. Currently, there are several good-quality CPM ad networks, among which Conversant Media, Tribal Fusion, Criteyo, and Epom are some of them.

Earn through CPA Network: This type of network will pay you for any one action on your website. That action can be sending an email, signing up, clicking any button, etc. It is easy to collect leads for websites through this type of network. Which is also useful in marketing. Currently, there are several good-quality CPA networks, among which Neverblue Media, Clickbooth, Max Bounty, and ShareCell are some of them.

Earn through affiliate network: To earn through affiliate marketing or this type of network, you need to collect links to a particular product. You will be given a commission for a certain amount of sales. And that is affiliate marketing. Currently, there are several good quality affiliate networks, among which Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, Click Bank, Scheme Links, and Linkshare are some of them. Sell Ad Space: You can sell space for advertisement on your website like a job board. You can keep some space at the top of the website or next to the footer or in the sidebar, where your customer’s ad will be given. Customers will pay you by buying this space on your website to advertise their products.

You can start a paid video training course: If you are writing about a specific topic on your website or if you hire a writer for the blog section of your website, you can start a video course on various topics with the blog. This will allow you to pay for the premium version of the video course. Sell eBooks: You can sell your book in the blog section of your website. Or if you want, you can upload that book to Amazon and earn from there. You can earn up to $100 per day in royalties for your books from Amazon.

Create forums and offer paid memberships: If you have a forum on your website, you can offer different types of memberships. A paid membership can collect a fixed subscription fee at the end of the month. Can sell text links: Although this system should not be monetized, as it may expose the website to spam. But still many earn in this way. In this case, you will add client links between your various posts and various contents. By doing this, when the user clicks there, it will be redirected to the client’s website. There are several good-quality text seller websites out there today, including Text Link Brokers, Digital Point Forums, and Warrior Forums.

You can earn by collecting emails through newsletters

You can collect emails on your website through newsletters. Currently, many companies buy these emails and later sell these emails to other clients. Ever wondered how Grameenphone or Bikash or any other company emails you without giving your email? They may mail you, because you may have given your mail to a website that was then sold. You can sell emails on your website.

You can earn by publishing sponsored posts: Many new companies will ask you to publish their content on your website for money, and that is sponsored posting. That is, this way the client will ask you to publish any of their content depending on your traffic.

You can also publish it on your website and earn from it. Earn by reviewing products: In this case, review any of the client’s products on your website. Post articles about the pros and cons and various aspects of that product. By doing this, the client will get his desired users and you can earn money in exchange for those reviews.

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