How to build up your online career

How to build up your online career

The Internet is affecting people’s lives. People are trying different ways to earn online. The current time has created a lot of ways to earn money online. But you have to be careful which platform you choose for your career.

Lot of ways to earn money online but sometimes may you face cheating. There is don’t have any way to you are millionaire as short time or quickly. So be aware of this type of cheating. Some online resources you can utilize and help you go ahead for earn money online. So let’s start-


Freelancing is very popular for earn from online. Depending on freelancers’ skills, there has a different websites for jobs. This website must create an account and apply for jobs as per freelancers’ skills. Job providers give their job to freelancers as per their needs. Some websites want to see the freelancer’s previous work history, for easy contact between buyer and seller.

Freelancing work is available – at,,,, etc. You can earn 5-100$ per hour from these sites. You should remember it, you get money after buyer approval and his/her satisfaction. In this situation, the buyer gives you a rating as per your work. Freelancer must work until the buyer is not happy or fulfill their requirements. For receiving payment you can use different payment gateways. Such as Bank transfer, Paypal, Payoneer, etc. 



Nowadays, you are getting elements online for creating your website. For your domain search, template, website design, etc. When the website is ready to give service to its users, then you can apply for Google Adsense. While google approved your application then google started to serve google ads on your site. Then your earning is start from google ads. 



In these ways for earning online, you need a webpage or blog. While your website is ready then you can start affiliate marketing using the different company’s affiliate links. While peoples purchase any product using your affiliate link from the company then your earnings will start. Yow will get a commission from the companies.



Earn from at-home graphics design is a very good way. Expert Graphics designer upload their works on the online marketplace websites. Their products sell huge numbers amounts. A good design selling for a long time. You can sell your work in different online markets. However, graphics designers are very demandable in online marketplaces.



If you have good knowledge and skill in different languages besides English. You can earn money using your language skill. There are several websites where you can earn money by translating various documents. If you know about Spanish, French, Arabic, and German languages you can earn money to translate these languages from different websites. Many peoples or many companies don’t have time or don’t have the manpower for these works so that time they hire people online for their work.



In the present time, web design is the most popular and most online demandable job. You can earn from one project 20k to 100k(BDT) 300$ to 1000$. A lot of companies want to build up their company website. And they need a web designer. For creating a website coding and design are very important. However, website management and updating need a web designer. So web designers have no chance to seating without work. Web designers’ earnings increase day by day depending on clients and work.



If you are good at content writing and you can write content in one or more languages. So you do not need to seat without work. You can also write on an online platform or work online for getting the skills. Your earning is depend on your writing quality. The buyer gives you some rules and regulations for writing their articles. If you are following any fixed topic or niche hope your skill is developing automatically.



Those who are not comfortable making money by writing blogs can make money from video with the help of a camera. So you should know good presenting. And you can earn create a channel & upload videos. Your channel category and video category you can set by yourself. But try to make trending videos, informative videos. People will not watch videos unless they have a video about them. Without views, you can’t earn money. It’s similar to a blog website. If your subscription will increase may your views will increase. And you can get earn from every thousand views from google.

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