How much money can a freelancer earn freelancing?

How much money you can earn by freelancing will depend on your skills. The better the quality of your work, the more work you will get in the freelancing market, and the more work you get, the more money you can earn. Here you have to increase the amount of earning dollars through work by proving your skills. Generally, freelancers earn money through hourly, daily, and weekly contracts. In this case, the better the position in the freelancing market, the more work he gets and the more money he can earn. Find out how much money a freelancer can earn by freelancing:

The image above is taken from the popular freelancing marketplace Upwork. Upwork’s most popular Bangladeshi freelancer is Mr. Amanur Rahman. He works in web design and development. See the above image, he has done about 202 jobs from Upwork Freelancing Market so far. He currently charges $50 per hour for work. In this case, if he does a job for 5 hours, then he will get 250 dollars (Bangladeshi 20 thousand taka) for 5 hours.

Moreover, in the above image, you can see the picture of two more popular Bangladeshi freelancers. They also charge $50 per hour for their work. How much you charge per hour, or how much you get paid for a job, will depend on your popularity and the quality of your work.

All in all, the more you can prove your worth in the freelancing market, the more money you can make freelancing. There are many good freelancers in our country who are earning Rs 3 to 5 lakh per month. Moreover, there are many good freelancers in our neighboring country India, who earn 4/5 lakh rupees per month.

What is the position of Bangladesh in freelancing?

Bangladesh ranks after India in freelancing. About 27 percent of the global freelancing population resides in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi freelancers are more interested in sales and marketing support, creative and multimedia, software development, web design and development, graphics design, video editing, and technology aspects. The average salary of freelancers in Bangladesh is 60 USD or 5 thousand rupees per month. But there are more ways to earn more from Bangladesh in freelancing.

How to start freelancing?

You already know that you can earn money online from home by freelancing. So to do freelancing online you need to have a computer or laptop and internet connection. Then the most important thing that will be required for freelancing is you must have the skills to work in one of the fields.

Now ask yourself, what is a job you are good at, that you can easily do if someone asks you to do it? If you have experience, skill, and willingness to work in any job, you can earn a smart amount monthly by freelancing. You can’t do freelancing if you don’t have skills in something.

If you don’t have experience in something, then you need to learn something well first. As far as job learning is concerned, I would say, whatever you are interested in doing and you think you can easily learn that job, you must learn that job. Spend 6 months to 1 year learning on the job.

You might be thinking that spending 1-year freelancing is not possible for you. So let me tell you straight, bro freelancing is not for you. Try doing something else without thinking about freelancing. There is no obligation to do freelancing for a living. If you think that you can start freelancing today and start earning money tomorrow without knowing the work, then earning money from freelancing is just a dream for you.

Think in common sense, a person in our country spends 18 to 20 years studying from class one to doing honors/masters with the hope of getting a job. Competing in the job market with millions of people to get a job with a salary of 20/30 thousand after 20 years of education. Then if you survive that tough competition, you will get a monthly salary of 20/30 thousand by working from 9 am to 5 pm every day. If a person can work for 20 years for a 20/30k job, why don’t you spend at least 1 year freelancing to earn 50k to 1 lakh per month?

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