Freelancing for whom? What kind of experience is needed for freelancing!

Those who have experience in a minimum of one job. Those who have a great interest in learning work. Those who are not greedy for cash income (today come tomorrow income party). Those who do not have excessive greed for money. Those who have good English skills. Those who know how to communicate at the international level. Who is Freelancing for? Find out what experience you need to freelance:

I think you are clear from the above discussion on how to start freelancing. You should know one thing clearly, there is no easy or shortcut way to earn money online by freelancing. You have to earn money in exchange for work by freelancing. So, if you want to earn money by freelancing, first you need to be proficient in one subject.

How to build a freelancing career?

Newbies might be a little surprised to hear the term freelancing career. Nothing surprising here. Millions of people around the world are now earning millions of rupees a month by taking freelancing as a career instead of joining various jobs. There are lakhs of freelancers in our country too who are earning more than lakhs of rupees per month by taking freelancing as a career. I have already discussed the amount of income that can be earned by freelancing and what is the position of Bangladesh in freelancing. To make freelancing a career, the following points must be fixed:

You have to decide your goals

First, you need to decide if you want to work full-time freelancing as a career or part-time freelancing alongside a job or other career. If you want to be a successful freelancer you should choose freelancing as a full-time job. On the other hand, if you want to earn extra money through freelancing by using your talent in addition to the job, you need to take out some fixed time to work. If you try to freelance whenever you want without maintaining time, you cannot expect to get much success in freelancing.

What subject will you work on?

You need to first decide what you can do freelancing or what you have experience and expertise in. If you are not experienced in any subject, then you have to decide by yourself which subject to learn and which subject you are interested in learning. When it comes to getting things done, ask yourself a question, what do you like to do or are you interested in, and you will find the answer yourself.

However, if you do freelancing with three jobs, you will not be able to make much profit. You can choose your job subject by considering the following points. Work on a topic (niche) that is in demand in the freelancing market. Because if you work on a topic that is not in demand, you will not find work in the freelancing marketplace.
Work on the work in which you have skills and experience. Working on topics that you love to research or learn new things about will increase your experience.

Work on the things you never get tired of working on

Consider the above four points and decide your niche for freelancing. Especially before determining the topic, determine the topic by verifying whether the demand for the topic (niche) is there in the freelancing marketplace or not. If you work on any topic, you can earn more money by freelancing, I will discuss it at the end of the post.

Work on any freelancing site

There are thousands of freelancing marketplaces online where different organizations (clients) look for freelancers to do their work. You must work on such popular freelancing marketplaces to gain experience. Because popular marketplaces have more clients, there is a possibility of getting more work.

If you work efficiently and faithfully on one or two of the popular freelancing marketplaces, you can quickly increase your popularity in that marketplace. And once you prove yourself on popular sites, no one can stop you from succeeding in freelancing.

Maintaining credibility and quality of work is very important in the freelancing market. Because if a job well done is supplied to the client with confidence, and if the client likes your work, clients will offer you work again and again. Then you don’t have to worry about getting a job.

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