Diversified Group Recruited Web Developer (PHP)

Diversified Group will be recruited for the post of Web Developer (PHP)

Diversified Group will be recruited for the post of Web Developer (PHP). Those interested can apply for this position.

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Job Circular Posting is a job post that contains detailed information on employee recruitment in Diversified Group This document is used by employers to advertise their vacant positions as Web Developer (PHP). In this document, the employer provides details about the position, including the salary, working hours, duties, qualifications, etc.

This post contains a job advertisement with detailed information about the appointment of the Web Developer (PHP) of Diversified Group.

Diversified Group will be recruited for the post of Web Developer (PHP)


Position: Web Developer (PHP)

Company: Diversified Group

Job Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Career Level: Intermediate (Experienced non-manager)

Residence: Country Saudi Arabia

Years of Experience: 5 – 16

Job Description and Requirements Looking for a Web Developer (PHP) for Semi-government Client in Riyadh. Kindly send CVs to jobs2@arab-house.com / jobs1@arab-house.com


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