Air Canada Unveils New Vancouver – Dubai Route 2023

The article reports on Air Canada’s expansion of its international network with the introduction of a new non-stop route connecting Vancouver (YVR) to Dubai (DXB). Here’s a summary of the key details:

1. Route Launch:
– Air Canada inaugurated the new non-stop route from Vancouver (YVR) to Dubai (DXB) on 28 October 2023.

2. Flight Frequency and Schedule:
– The new service operates four times a week, with flights departing from Vancouver International Airport on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
– Flight AC78 (YVR to DXB) schedule: Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Departure: 21:15, Arrival: 00:05 (+2 days).
– Flight AC79 (DXB to YVR) schedule: Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Departure: 02:05, Arrival: 05:55.
– The service commenced on 28 October 2023 (YVR to DXB) and 30 October 2023 (DXB to YVR).

3. Aircraft and Cabin Options:
– The flights are conducted using Air Canada’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.
– Air Canada offers three cabin options, including premium economy.

4. Significance of the Route:
– This route is highlighted as a significant milestone in connecting Western Canada with the Middle East.
– It provides the only non-stop flights from Western Canada to the Middle East.

5. Complementary Service:
– The new route complements Air Canada’s existing daily service between Toronto and Dubai.

6. Facilitating Connections:
– The article mentions that the new service is expected to facilitate connections between Vancouver and the broader region, including India and North Africa.

7. Social Media Announcement:
– The article includes a tweet from Air Canada’s official Twitter account, emphasizing the launch of the new international route.

In summary, the article provides details about the newly launched non-stop route, including flight frequency, schedule, aircraft information, the significance of the route, and its expected impact on facilitating connections between Vancouver and other regions. The inclusion of a social media post adds a visual element to the announcement.

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