15 important tips and tricks before buying a mobile phone

If you spend some money to buy hobby things, you have to go through many dilemmas. Will it be good or not? Many more such questions. There is no end to worries when buying a very popular mobile phone set in this era. So, to reduce the stress on your brain, before buying a mobile phone, know 20 important tips and tricks:

1. Think about the design

Important Tips for Buying a Mobile Phone Design is the most important thing when it comes to smartphones. There is no need to consult anyone in this regard. It is a matter of personal taste. All smartphones in the market have an eye-catching design. Again there are different cases to make the phone more attractive. So it is better to choose the design according to your personal needs and taste.

2. Weight and feel:

No one bothers about this feature of mobile phone sets. There are so many types it’s hard to tell. The bigger the mobile phone set, the heavier it usually is. But before looking at these, check whether the phone set has a battery or not. Because the battery is very heavy.

3. Screen size isn’t everything:

Everyone looks at the screen size while buying a new mobile. Now big screen mobiles are more popular. But if you want to carry it easily, you have to get a small-screen mobile. Demand for mobile phones with four-inch or four-and-a-half-inch or five-inch screens is also high.

4. Display Quality:

Screen quality is very important. The best quality display is 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels). But the price of the phone with this display will also be quite high. Check whether the image is clear from different angles. Standard mobile displays are less than 720p.

5. Operating System:

There are several basic operating systems. Android is the most popular system now. Meanwhile, the iPhone has iOS, the latest version of which is iOS 7. Again, the number of Windows operating fans is not less. Choose the one you like. Because all the functions of the entire phone are determined based on the operating system.

6. 3G or 4G?

The 3G connection has just started in our country. Data connection speed depends on it. 4G gives a faster connection. Mobiles that can take 3G connection are better for smartphones of this era.

7. Battery power:

Battery power is determined based on how the mobile phone looks. But large screen mobiles consume more battery. So a strong battery is needed to keep the mobile running for a long time. 3000 mAh is now the most powerful battery on the market.

8. Keeping software updated:

The software of the phone is constantly updated. If you also keep your phone software updated then the device will work fine. Otherwise, you will do any work with adulteration. No new apps will be supported and the phone will slow down.

9. Try to get 2 GB RAM:

Radam will speed up the phone’s operation. If you spend a lot of money to buy a phone, one GB RAM is enough. But it is much better to arrange 2 GB by paying a little money or changing the choice. Modern mobiles with up to 3 GB of RAM are coming on the market.

10. Camera resolution is not very important:

Camera resolution is not one of the most important factors. Because taking good quality photos is the job of the camera, not the mobile phone. High-resolution mobile camera images are slightly better. But not like a camera. So looking for camera resolution in a phone to the exclusion of other things is foolish.

11. Rugged Phone:

How powerful it is for a smartphone is important. Also, many phones have scratch-resistant glass to prevent the screen from getting smudged easily. The phone won’t break or shatter if dropped, at least the phone should.

12. Wireless charging for hassle-free charging:

Apart from that, the charging system is not very necessary. However, the wireless charging system is quite interesting in the absence of plug points.

13. Use popular review and rating sites:

If you have internet, you have to go to different sites. However, to avoid malware attacks, you should visit popular review and rating sites. Otherwise danger.

14. Price:

That’s the real thing. The higher the price of the mobile phone set the better. But before buying a mobile phone set you have to consider whether any other version of the same model will be available in the market very soon.

15. Applications:

Mobile phone setter apps are constantly being created so much that you will have a headache if you choose. Download and use the apps you want. Just keep an eye on one thing. Use apps that support mobile phone sets. And don’t try to use apps that are not for your mobile. Apart from that, different collections of apps are offered on the internet according to the mobile phone set. From there select the app for the phone.

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